Jeanne Guilloux Nounours sur ventre Jaune Raku Keramik 31 x 15 x 21 cm web

Jeanne Guilloux
"Nounours sur ventre Jaune"
Raku Keramik
31 x 15 x 21 cm


For more than 10 years, Jeanne, a French sculptor and ceramist, practices RAKU.
This traditional Japanese art form, based on a firing process including a sharp rise in temperature followed by a quick cooling, allows to obtain unique results and intense colors. That has attracted Jeanne who loves to create bright colored sculptures who bring live and light to their surroundings. The choice of the subjects that she conceives also contributes to this cheerful atmosphere.
Her playful and merry teddy bears take us back to our light-hearted childhood.
Each sculpture is a unique piece.